Sell to Architects with a Virtual Lunch and Learn

The classic Lunch and Learn presentation is a great way for manufacturers of building products to educate architects on new products and engage in more personal conversations not permitted by other forms of marketing to architects.

We prefer virtual lunch and learn presentations over traditional in-person presentations.  Architects expect a free lunch, so we indulge their quirky tastes with local catering in exchange for their participation in a 20 minute highly focused webinar presentation follow by a conversation.

The free lunch gets the architects to pay attention and the webinar format allows for the participation of seasoned product experts who keep the architects asking question.

Trying different approaches

As marketers of building materials products we struggle to understand the minds of architects.  When they need product information or design support we have their persistent and undivided attention.  When they don’t need us cold calls are avoided, print advertising is ignored, email blasts are deleted, and trade show displays are mostly visited by sales people.  Marketing to architects in the present day is frustrating.  However, food still works.

If you are willing to buy lunch, architects will make time for you.  This quid pro quo still works today and with a few modifications a virtual lunch and learn presentation can be a highly effective and economical way to sell building materials products to architects.

Traditional Lunch and Learn

Many building material manufacturers have abandoned lunch and learn presentations in favor of educational webinars, and this is a big mistake.  The traditional lunch and learn is expensive involving travel and catering costs and you need someone with enough knowledge and experience to give the presentation and answer questions.

This is not always possible with new and complicated products as local reps might not feel comfortable giving such a technical presentation.  Sending a company expert all over the USA to give one lunch and learn per day will get very expensive.

Virtual L&L

A virtual lunch and learn combines the personal interaction and guaranteed attention of the in-person lunch and learn with the simplicity and economy of a webinar.

Our next blog post will discuss the best practices for virtual lunch and learn presentations.

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