How do
you handle
Do you assign your best people, taking them away from the core business?
Do you assign new staff, wondering if they have the skills to do the job?
Why Murcadom

Murcadom Corporation is a sales, marketing, and business intelligence outsourcing agency specializing in the global building materials industry.

Our Programs
Market Research

What is the market opportunity? Will people buy your product?

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Demand Generation

Need more qualified leads for your existing sales force?

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Sales Follow-Up

Need help nuturing leads from advertising or trade shows?

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Let us explore all options while you run your business
We provide sales and marketing leverage where it counts, as long as you need it
Murcadom, a company built to meet clients╩╝ needs
With every client, our imperatives are optimizing results, reducing costs, and mitigating risk
We deliver strategic competitive advantages to clients that are either introducing new products into markets they already know, or expanding into unfamiliar markets with their existing products.
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